Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Good afternoon, I would like to catch you up. Saturday evening I finished the necklace &  earrings that I called jade coins.  It has links made of jade coins with red jasper rounds on both sodes. The second links on that strand are made with wire wrapped beads in 20 gague magnetic copper. (In case you don't know what magnetic wire is, it is the wire used in making windings for electric motors. It has a coating so that the wires don't short out when they touch. It is richer &  bolder than regular copper wire & i think that   the coating should help protect the wire from turning green.) You can see the difference in the picture of the clasp which I also made. The core wire is regular copper &  the wrap wire is magnetic. The links  in the first strand are joined together by bright brass jumprings.  The second strand has links made with a tan pearl center, dark topaz crystal rondelles, &  small orange firepolished beads on both sides. . The links are joined with brass chain. This necklace is long. On Sunday I took a class with one of the bead masters, Diane Fitzgerald. The necklace is called stairway to heaven.  The class was great. I didn't finish mine, but I'm going to show it to you in progress. The pic doesn't do the necklace justice. The rivoli center reflects a star pattern that I couldn't show in the photo.  I will be very proud to wear this one. Yesterday I went to Rochester with my son. I planned on going to the bead shop there as I haden't been there before, but surpsise I should have checked first because they are closed on Mondays. Oh well I did stop &  get beads  on our way home from  my friend Chris at Bead Rush . & I got some diamond drill bits for drilling more stones. As I was starting supper my nephew called. His best friend bought the contents of a storage shed at an auction &  there were beads  in it. So I sorted beads last night until 2:00 am &  finished this morning. Lots of the beads were plastic which I don't use but there were a few treasures in the boxes. I will use some of the plastic beads to teach my niece's daughter to bead when she gets a little bigger.  So this afternoon it's back to my creative play.

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