Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'm back. In last weeks storm my computer got zapped by lightning. It got the computer, the router & the phone modem.  My son got me back up & running  again. I didn't get much jewelry made anyway. My sister from California is here so I did family stuff. I did make 2 memory wire bracelets. The first one is purple & blue. The second one is green.  I used bicones, rondelles, seeds, cube beads, pearls, twin beads, fire polished , chips & even malachite rounds. That was the last of my roll of memory wire. I will be getting more the next time I get to a bead shop. They are fun to make & seem popular.  I have been reading on several other blogs that bracelets are best sellers so I'm going to make more bracelets. Hope you have a great evening.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Not jewelry today. A hairbow  instead. My nieces daughter always wears a bow in her hair so I made this for her. I started with grosgrain ribbon &  made a 4" 8 loop bow. Next I made a 2" 8 loop bow so that it would have 2 layers.  I found a button in my stash for the center. Then I made a circle of  round pearls to go under the button. The next round of stitching was rice shaped pearls between the round ones. To make the rice pearls lay nice I used blue lined clear size 6 seed beads in groups of 3 between the pearls. To tighten this round I sewed through the outside 2 of the 3 beads &  it made a picot. When I stitched the button in the center it was kind of floppy so I used a netting stitch to support it.  The center is quite tall because of the height of the button.When it was all fastened together I attached it to a barrette. When I first envisioned this in my head I was going to stitch something sparkly on each loop end but when I found the button the design changed.  I hope she likes it. I had fun doing something different. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A blue &  purple memory wire bracelet is my jewelry today. Since I had blue &  purple beads out for the last bracelet I just pulled some more of both colors out of my stash &  made another memory wire bracelet. I am enjoying making these. I was leery of using memory wire but I like it. I used pearls, bicones, rondelles,  fire polished, twin beads, rounds, seeds, &  a light blue disc bead. Enjoy your Sunday. I will even if it is raining.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tracy at http://makebraceletsblog.com/2012/05/17/preciosa-czech-bead-giveaway/#comment-1923 is having a fabulous  Preciosa Ornela fire polished bead give away. Be sure to check it out. Good luck to you on winning.
A linked chain bracelet is my jewelry today. I used 2 pieces of gold  long &  short  curb chain. I made links through the shall part of the chain. The links are made of dark blue 6mm glass pearls in the center. There is a light blue 4mm fire polished bead on each side of the pearl. Then the link is put through the chain. Next I used a blue 4mm bicone crystal then I looped the ends. The second link is made using a dark purple 6mm glass pearl center with a purpleAB 4mm bicone &  on the other side of the chain is a lilac 4mm bicone. I alternated the blue &  purple links. the clasp is attached with gold jump rings. Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Earrings today. I made earrings to go with the black, red, &  silver 3 strand bracelet. My sister loved the bracelet &  she wants earrings to go with it. I am not blogging much this week because I have out of state family here &  I am not doing as much jewelry since I am spending time with family. Hope you are enjoying your week.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Here's earrings to go with Tim's Mom's necklace. If you remember from my earlier post Tim's Mom has metal allergies. So I stitched these instead of using a metal headpin. I used  creamy bone beads, green bicone crystals, adventurine rounds, wood heishi beads , &  seeds beads. My friend Lisa from bead group gave me surgical steel earwires because I couldn't find them locally, thanx Lisa.

I see several people post I love Macro Sunday. I'm not sure where the blog is but my macro post  for today is of my bleeding hearts in bloom. They are so fragile looking &  so beautiful.

My son gave me a fuchsia for Mother's Day &  here's a macro of it. They are one of my favorite plants. This one has both fuchsia with pink flowers &  fuchsia with light pink blooms. Can you tell I like pink?LOL

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A bracelet is my jewelry pic today. This time it is a 3 strand black chain style. I hung dangles in black, red, &  silver on all three strands. I used bicones, rounds, diamond shapes, hearts, stars, flowers, rondelles, cubes, ovals, mesh covered, & coral chips. I didn't make any 2 the same. The chains are connected to a 3to1 &  it closes with a gunmetal colored lobster clasp. I started this bracelet about a month ago but I didn't like how it was looking so I put it away for a while. I took it out today & had a different inspiration. I like how it came out this time &  I hope you do too.

Friday, May 11, 2012

It's a purple memory wire bracelet today. I used crystal bicones &  rondelles, ovals, pearls, shells, twin beads, glass rounds, &  seed beads in various shades of purple. I accented with gold beads &  a couple of blue seeds. It's not fancy but they are fun to wear. Since I only had 3 bracelets for my last show I am working on building my inventory of bracelets. Hope you have a good weekend.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hi, On my jewelry plate today I have a pink memory wire bracelet. I used 4 &  6mm bicones, rondelles, vertical &  horizontal squares, hearts, pearls, nuggets,  a breast cancer awareness bead, &  seed beads in shades of pink. I am liking these memory wire bracelets &  I am going to make more.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Here's a pic of the bracelets all together. I think I like them together. I have never wore this many bracelets together before. Last night was my monthly bead group meeting. Because of light rail construction we met at a local bead shop instead of the textile center. The owner was a stone collector  &  we learned more about stones. I have been working with more stones lately &  I found it very interesting.

4 bracelets are my jewelry pics today. I have been looking at a stacked &  wrapped bracelet blog hop the last couple of days &  I decided to do my own set of bracelets. The top bracelet in the pic is made of braided cobalt blue leather lacing. After braiding I stitched a pair of wood  heishi beads to every other cord crossing. Then I topped the heishi beads with blueAB twisted bugle beads that have a seed beads on each end to protect the thread from the bugles sharp edges. I wrapped wire around the ends with a 10mm jump ring  in the loop. Next I fastened the clasp to the 10mm jump rings with 7mm jump rings. This bracelet wraps twice around the wrist. The next bracelet  is also leather only this time it is tan. I macramed wood beads( leftover from the 70's when I did macrame) onto the leather cords. Bracelet #3 is made of memory wire. I strung beads of various shapes in blue, aqua, &  green and rolled the ends to finish it. Number 4 is a piece of 20 gauge non-tarnish silver wire that i coiled blue &  white wire from my son around.I added a toggle clasp to finish it. I had fun making them. I am going to have to start participating in some of these blog hops soon.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The necklace I made today I called primary. My son came home from unclaimed freight &  said here Mom I thought you could maybe use this wire. It was a 4 pack of colors. The wire is galvanized steel with vinyl coating. I used 2 strands of each color a made a 4 strand style braid. The dangles are made with large blue vintage acrylic beads from my treasure box from A Grain Of Sand. The red glass beads are from walmart &  the size 6 yellow beads are from a garage sale box. The clasp is a silver toggle. Not only is this necklace fun it was really affordable to make.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Here's a great giveaway. Lori Anderson is having a giveaway to celebrate her first article published in a magazine. Please support Lori. She helps us all by challenging us to think outside our comfort zone. Here's a link to her site so you can enter too. Good Luck!!
Another chain bracelet is my jewelry today. This time I used gold hammered long &  short curb chain.The colors are red, black, &  gold. I made dangles of  bicones, drops, rounds, heshi, rondelles, filigree, cut cube, ovals, &  even a pearl drop on the end. There is a lampworked ladybug in the center just for fun. I know I started out to make a wrap bracelet yesterday but it didn't work out the way I pictured it so that one went back to the drawing board &  I did another chain bracelet. It also can fit almost any size because the lobster claw clasp can hook in any chain link. The stand helped putting this together &  helps show it better than laying flat.

I got my second treasure box yesterday from A Grain Of Sand bead hoard curiosities club. It's kind of like Christmas. Here's all the stuff. The Big blue crystal is great. I like the metal findings, saucers, bugles &  seeds, bicones &  cabs, lucite, &  even  black old tin cut Czech bicones. I already have designs dancing in my head. I'm going back to my bead board &  enjoy my day &  I hope you do too.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Two bracelets are on my jewelry plate today. The first is made of coiled magnetic copper links. Magnetic copper is the kind used in winding electric motors. It has a varnish coating so that it doesn't short out in the motor. This coating makes the color darker &  richer. I also believe that it won't turn green like raw copper does. The ruby colored faceted glass rounds &  drops separated by silver lined topaz large seed beads shows off the darker copper with just the right sparkle. I made this bracelet a couple of months ago to go with a pair of  coiled copper earrings I made for  the January challenge to make a pair of earrings each day in January.  The first clasp that I made was too large so the bracelet just say on my work board. Yesterday I made a new clasp for it. I used 2 copper jump rings to attach the bar end so that it is more flexible when fastening the clasp. I am proud of this bracelet because I never saw one quite like it.

The second bracelet is a simple strung one. I had light blue beads on my board &  started playing with them. This bracelet is the result. It is 7 3/4" &  has a silver toggle clasp. I used Light blue pearls, faceted glass nuggets, &  matte clear flat ovals. It's light color reminds me of summer air. Now I'm going back to my bead board &  make a wrap bracelet on tan leather. You will see it tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A bracelet made of chain is my jewelry today. It has a chain base so it fits lots of sizes because you can clasp it in  any of the chain links. I chose a rosy  pink &  black for the colors. In the center is a pink lampworked bead. I used a black glass oval with 4mm pink pearls on the ends for the next link  to the left. Moving on to the left the next link is made of pink horizontal squares &  a rose 6mm bicone center. Then comes 3 pink hearts with seeds between them followed by a black round centered link that has silver mesh on it &  black glass large seed bead ends. Moving left is a link with 2  6mm rose bicones. Then comes a link with a rose glass rondelle center flanked by 2  3mm black bicones on each end. The next link on the left is made with a pink swirled glass rondelle that has 2 metallic pink seeds on each end. I put a dangle on this end with 2 of the rose pearls. Looking back to the center lampworked bead &  moving to the right you can see a link made with pink seed ends &  pink opaque 4mm bicones &  having a black seed bead center. Then comes an all black link made of 2 large black glass rondelles with a faceted smaller rondelle center. Moving right there is a pink transparent glass rondelle center with pink glass flat flower ends. The following link uses 2 pink vertical square beads having a black diagnally drilled dice bead that has silver stars. Followed by a link that uses pink opaque bicones with a large black rondelle center. Then comes an all black link made of 2 bicones. The last link on the right uses a pink swirled glass rondelle flanked by rose 4mm pearls. The clasp is a lobster claw type. This might be a fun bracelet to give Mom for Mother's day. The board it is on is a leftover trim board that I routered a groove in for laying out bracelets.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Today on my jewelry plate is a bracelet with a breast cancer awareness bead. I think that this is a really important cause. I also used 4mm white pearls &  6mm rose Swarovski crystals in the bracelet. I got a strand of the breast  cancer awareness beads at my first wholesale show last Sunday. The show was great. Soooo many beads &  much better prices than retail which I have been paying. I went overboard with what I spent, I guess I will just have to work harder at getting stuff made &  sold to make up for it. Enjoy.