Monday, September 30, 2013

My blog today is about keychains. I partnered again with . They wanted keychains. I had never thought about designing keychains until znet asked. I picked some of their gorgeous crystals and the challenge was on. The top keychain uses RS145-118 ultramarine blue 25x18mm designer glass ovals as the center. The sparkle is fabulous. I chose wire instead of stitching because, keychains can see rough  and frequent handling. I coiled blue wire around the frame to bring out the color of the crystals. I made three dangles using Tiaria Mixes ZMX55-01 in 8x5mm size on headpins. The keychain clasps are FJ776-01 38x16mm in size. This design lead to the next which uses more of the ZMX55-01 crystals as the center. I cut four turquoise cotton cords and attached them the the keyclip with an overhand knot. I divided the cord into two bunches and macramed two strands to frame the crystals which are again on silver wire. Now I have lots more ideas to work on. It just may be that some of my friends and family will get keyfobs for Christmas. If you haven't tried keychain design yet you should. They are quick and easy to make and lots of fun. The more I work with the more I come to appreciate their wonderful products. I highly recommend that you go to their website and see for yourself all of the wonderful products they carry and the designs that the other participants made.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Your Best Shot was the prompt this week for focusing on life. Since beads are the best part of my life right now I decided to shoot my best bead design. This necklace is one that never fails to get compliments. Even my Mom who wears a single pendant on a chain likes this necklace. People say inspiration comes from everywhere and this necklace is proof of that. The last time my husband got orthotic shoes the shoe people had moved to a new office. When we went to his appointment I kept staring at the floor. It was just simple tiles but the color combo stuck in my head. It had a light tan backround with cream, aqua, dark tan, and light brown spots on it.  This necklace is the result of the colors in the flooring. It is a simple spiral rope with aqua firepolished rounds, glass discs, and gold discs as accents. The pendant is from Dakota Stone but I am not sure what stone it is. I bezeled and embellished it with seed beads. Fringe on the bottom completes the look. I also made the clasp from brass wire. To see the rest of the participants best please check out Sally Russick's blog on the link

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Good morning all. I have a double post today. The very talented Sally Russick of proposed a challenge/blog hop called Creating with cabochons. I was too late for the sign up but I decided to create a bead embroidered necklace anyway. I named my necklace "Sally in Green" since Sally is who inspired it. I love to do bead embroidery. The center stone is green crazy lace agate. The rounds are amazonite. The two smaller cabs are adventurine. The cube beads are titanium coated hematite. Aren't they cool? I used super duos around the edge and the picots are hematite size 15 seed beads. Green pearls end the fringe.  The super duos strap pattern came from "Bead Design Studio" magazine June 2013.  It just seemed to fit this project. Last weekend was bead retreat for me so I got most of my necklace done there. When I got home I made the clasp and wal-la it was done. I have been amazed at all the talent shown in the other participants cab usage. You can see the others at Sally's link above.
For focusing on life the prompt this week our prompt was quiet time. For me my beadwork provides quiet time. So I decided to show my bead board. I took a piece of plywood and put foam on the edge to make it easier on my arms.Then I covered it with fabric. The board sits across the arms of my lazyboy chair. When I want to get up I simply move the board onto the three drawer roller cart and push it out of my way. It is a comfortable place to sit quietly and bead. The necklace that is in progress is from bead retreat. It was a free kit. Some of the others made bracelets but I chose a necklace. The peanut beads came as a mix. The white ones had the smallest amount so I stopped when I ran out of white peanuts. The beaded bead in progress will be the focal.I chose black glass flowers to accent the strands and finished them with the blue peanuts and 4mm white pearls. I am likong how the piece is coming together. To see what the others photographed for quiet time please check out Sally's blog

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I realized that I haven't posted any jewelry in a while so here is my latest piece. I named it "Toledo Blue Rose." In August I got to go visit my two oldest grandsons in Toledo. All of the beads and components except the lucite flowers and the clasp were purchased while I was there. I got it almost done before coming home.  I have been stitching spiral ropes like crazy so that is what I did for the straps. The rose is polymer clay. I mounted it and the brass leaves on a screen. Then I finished off with the lucite dangles.  I am pleased with how this turned out and I have worn it several times already.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Focusing on Life: in two

Our focusing on life prompt this week is in two. Sally noticed that thing often come in two's.I am showing my favorite pair of salt and pepper shakers. A pair of bulldogs. My sisters bought them for me when they were on a vacation together. Since we have had 6 bulldogs they were very appropriate. Aren't they cute? To see what the other participants posted go to Sally's blog at