Monday, April 23, 2012

Good morning, no jewelry today. I am showing my display from my show. I can't believe it's been a whole week since I blogged. It took the whole week to get ready for the show. The night before my friend Donna &  my son were helping &  we didn't get done until almost midnight. Yesterday I was pouting cause the show was a bust . I barely made entry fee &  most of it was from friends. Oh well the next one will be better. I am open to comments on improving my display. I used a picture frame that was from my husbands family estate. Judging from the pic in it &  where it came from I believe it is early 1900's.  I thought about painting it but decided to leave it natural. I put fabric coverd foam on it &  hung necklaces &  earrings on pins. The other end of the table had a lampshade turned into a stand. I didn't have much money to work with for my display &  I'm pretty creative, so that's what I came up with.  The earrings hung on a raffia strand below the necklaces.  Several people commented on it. I had earrings on pink doilies my my collection. I also had a pair of vintage brown leathe gloves &  a early 1900's pair of lace cuffs. I covered 2 boxes with fabric  &  had my velvet stand on top. It held my most expensive piece. A fossilized coral cab that I bead embroidered. I planned on buying 4 display stands but Michaels &  3 walmarts on my way home didn't have any  when I was there so I made my own. I used flesh colored fabric &  padded the shoulders. Now I'm going to finish a necklace for me. Enjoy your day.

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