Saturday, April 28, 2012

The bracelet I am showing today is also from Teri Kline on demo &  do day. I tore apart the one I started in class ( It was purple &  tan)&  started over with new colors. I love aqua so here's what I did yesterday. It is made of 4mm fire polished beads, size 11 seeds, delicas &  size 15 seeds. It is made with herringbone stitch. I think it looks feminine. Hope you like it.  I spent most of the day today looking at a blog hop of messy work spaces. It was sponsored by B'Sue Boutiques. I have a desk that I used to use when my husband sat at the computed. Nowdays I mostly use a fabric covered board that sits across the arms of my lazy boy chair. I have my beads stored in shoebox size plastic containers. I pull the color I want to use out from under my bead &  take it to the livingroom. Sometimes I end up with 3 or 4 piles of containers before I put it all away. As with most beaders My beads do tend to overflow all over the house. LOL!! I got a set of shelves from Mom &  I plan on putting them up in my bedroom for bead storage, so that I can find my shoes under the bed.

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