Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Good afternoon, The first necklace I made yesterday. I started with the aqua &  honey ceramic rounds &  made links  on gold craft wire with them &  small black rounds. I found 3 dark topaz beads  (1 coin &  2 tubes) in my stash. I used black bicones to flank them. Then I put the links together with brass chain. The next strand moving inward  has links made of bronze metalic tubes flanked with 5mm black crystal saucers. I also made 3 links with \aqua teardrops flanked by dark topaz bicones. This strand is also joined by brass chain. The center strand is mixed seed beads. They are all fastened to a gold 3 to 1. A brass toggle clasp closes the necklace. Since long necklaces are hard to show the detail &  get the whole necklace in the pic I took 2 pics. One shows the whole necklace &  one shows the detail. The second necklace I made this morning. I realized that I had not made a long pink necklace so here it is. A 5 strand. 3strands are chain &  2 are mixed seed beads. The inner-most strand is long &  short chain that I wove pink leather through the long links. The next strand is seed beads. Then comes a different chain followed by another seed bead strand. The outer strand is curb chain. I attached 3 white cloisonne beads with pink flowers on them to the center section of the  chain. Between the cloisonne beads there are 2 pink faceted briolettes. All of the strands are attached to a silver heart shaped 5 to 1. I used a silver toggle to close the necklace. I took 2 pics  of this one also.

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