Sunday, May 13, 2012

Here's earrings to go with Tim's Mom's necklace. If you remember from my earlier post Tim's Mom has metal allergies. So I stitched these instead of using a metal headpin. I used  creamy bone beads, green bicone crystals, adventurine rounds, wood heishi beads , &  seeds beads. My friend Lisa from bead group gave me surgical steel earwires because I couldn't find them locally, thanx Lisa.

I see several people post I love Macro Sunday. I'm not sure where the blog is but my macro post  for today is of my bleeding hearts in bloom. They are so fragile looking &  so beautiful.

My son gave me a fuchsia for Mother's Day &  here's a macro of it. They are one of my favorite plants. This one has both fuchsia with pink flowers &  fuchsia with light pink blooms. Can you tell I like pink?LOL

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