Friday, September 4, 2015

Jeannie Dukic of jkd studio is having another do over challenge. This is a fun challenge where for just shipping cost you get a piece of jewelry from her early days and remake it into something new. I  participated a couple of times and I can tell you that this is really fun. Please join us for this challenge.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Lisa Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasures is again hosting a challenge. This time it is themed seed bead explosion. Since I love working with seed beads I jumped at the chance. I am really enjoying working with the new two hole beads. I chose kit B which turned out to be blue and clear.
The only things I added from my stash were the large blue faceted glass bead in the focal and the silver plated toggle. I used the clear two hole tiles, size 11 matte AB, and light blue size 6 beads to bezel the royal blue faceted bead. Then I stitched 3 bead picots around the edge. I added fringe on the bottom of the focal. The straps are made with the same beads as the focal. I wanted to keep it simple and let the beads be the stars and I tried to only use the beads that were in my kit. I hope that you like my design. Thanx Lisa for another fun challenge. To see what the other participants made please click the link below

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hi, I have not posted in a while so I am doing that now. The necklace in the pic above is featured in the online magazine "Creative Spark" summer 2015 issue.  Here is a link so you can see all of the wonderful designs in the magazine It is a magazine showing the work of the designers. The section I am in is called upcycled. This necklace is made with a vintage teal coat button as the start of the focal. A Czech button is glue on top of it and then I bezeled them with seed beads. The straps of the necklace are made with cultured sea glass from znetshows that have white seed beads between them. A seaglass teardrop finishes the bottom and a gold plated toggle is the closure. I also made earrings to go with the necklace. I used concave coins in two sizes for these. If you would like to see the cultured sea glass that znetshows has for sale here is the link
This is the second necklace that is featured in "Creative Spark" summer 2015. I started with one of my forks that had the silver plating worn away from some of the tines. I cut it off and drilled holes in the handle to make this focal. With the help of some lovely olive cultured sea glass squares, wavy silver disc beads, black O beads, and ball end headpins I was in business. I hung a sea glass teardrop from the bottom. One of znet's two hole silver beads became the bail. The straps are made with round sea glass, black square sea glass spacers and silver bicones, all from znetshows. A silver toggle completes this necklace. I made earrings to go with it. I enjoy this kind of upcycling.
My third necklace started as a vintage copper wall sculpture. A friend gave it to me and said that the leaves were too large to use. I simply cut the leaves into three pieces and they were the perfect size to use as the frame for my soft green sea glass leaf form znetshows. I made  three kinds of links for this necklace. The first uses 8mm olive jade cubes and 4mm adventurine cubes from znetshows. The second is  made with tree agate tubes and small crystal rondelles. Link number three is coiled 20 gauge magnetic copper wire. A pair of copper jump rings hold all of the links together.  If you would like to know more about magnetic copper wire you can read what I wrote about it in "Creative Spark." I really enjoy working with the beautiful sea glass and other components that
has to offer. If you would like to try your hand at working with some of the sea glass please click any of the links in this post. They really are very reasonably priced and fun to work with.


Saturday, July 18, 2015

A pair of bracelets is what's up for today. I am again participating in a Lisa Lodge challenge. The theme this time is beaches. I have had this pair of bracelets in my head for a while. Only one got put together though. I decided to show the layout of the second one as well. I used the freeform flat sea glass pieces from that were in the kit. I also used a green sea glass sand dollar and a pair of fish from them that were in my stash to help with the beaches look. Shell shaped beads and a pearl dangle were all that it took to complete the first bracelet. The focal of the second bracelet is a real shell and I added some teal colored pearls to represent the water. Thanx for looking. To see what the other participants created please go to

Saturday, June 27, 2015

The set of jewelry that I am posting today was created from a kit by Lisa Lodge. The challenge is called Summer Waters. The sea glass is sold by I chose a green sand dollar as the focal on the necklace. It is accented with an aqua teardrop, which reminded me of water, from my stash and a teal pearl that I reclaimed from a garage sale necklace. The bail is a two hole silver metal piece from the kit. I used green sea glass 6mm rounds and puffed coins from the kit, as well as aqua barrel nuggets and pacific blue shells. The opaque blue opal button heishi are from my stash. The necklace is finished with silver chain and a simple silver toggle clasp. The matching bracelet uses the same beads as the necklace but the color on the shells is teal. The end links were made from more of the garage sale pearls with aqua colored stone chips and fire polished faceted round beads. The bracelet clasp is from the kit. There are also a pair of earrings from the green sand dollars and aqua teardrops. To me this set definitely says summer waters. The starfish that I used as a prop came from my husband's Grandma. In  1948 she took a trip around the country and this came home with her. Here is a link to the other participants with blog posts
There are also people who are posting to Lisa's facebook page. You can see those at
Thank you Lisa for another fun challenge.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

I have been wanting to try shibori ribbon bead embroidery for  a long time. When Therese announced that bead embroidery was the technique for the A Time To Stitch 7 Challenge I signed up right away. Bead embroidery is my favorite technique to use. This necklace is the result of my effort. I started out to make a cuff bracelet but I found that it was too narrow to show the shibori silk  to best effect. The aqua teal turquoise family are my favorite colors so I found silk in that colorway. I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge. I bezeled the stone with size 11's and 15's. I used purple 15's to accent the silk. I used pearls in purple and aqua to edge the focal. I had some vintage nailheads in purple from a friend who has passed away so they were used for the next row on the purple side. The beads that were used on the aqua side came from a garage sale as well as the two tone bead at the bottom of the piece. I made wire links in aqua and purple for the straps. I am pleased with how this necklace turned out and I hope that you like it too. To see what everyone else made for this challenge please click on this link    I want to thank Therese and Christine for hosting this fun challenge.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

The challenge I am posting for today is seed beads and glass. Lisa Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasures who hosts really fun challenges sends us kits and we make something from them. My first jewelry set is made with the blue glass beads from my kit. I used the size 6 cobalt blue seed beads to right angle weave a triangular base. Then I embellished it with the white cubes and finished the edge with the transparent light blue daggers. The straps use the transparent light blue ovals in sets of three spaced with more of the size six cobalt seed beads and white cubes. I put gold chin and a toggle clasp on the ends to finish it. I also made earrings.
I have been wanting to try the new quadra tile beads so when Lisa said that they were in  the kits I jumped at the chance to play with them.  Before this challenge came up I was able to take a class with Diane Fitzgerald working with the quadra tile beads but I did not want to use the technique that she taught for this challenge. I wanted to see what I could come up with and here it is. I put the cream picasso quadra tiles on edge in a circle. The inner row has a pair of the transparent green O beads from my kit between the quadra's and the outer row has a larger transparent green fire polished bead. Then I used size 15 cream colored triangular seed beads to egde the fire polished beads and the compenent looks like a flower. I made three flowers and stitched them together. The straps I made with the trandsparent green two hole beads spaced with two of the 15 triangles between each. It is a fairly simple design but I am proud of it.  Lisa labeled the beads transparent green but they look more gray to me. This is a nice neutral color scheme that could be worn with lots of colthes.
My third piece is a bracelet. I started this piece before the necklace above. I had the center row of  matte red metallic quadra  tiles from my stash stitched to the cream picasso quadra tiles from the kit  with the transparent green O beads and cream size 15 triangles on top. I could not decide how I wanted to finish the bracelet so I set it aside and made the flower necklace. When I came back to the bracelet I though about all of the popular wrap bracelets being made right now and this idea developed. I knew that if I stitched the outer row of the quadra tiles together it would be too inflexible to use so I stitched loops of the cream triangles around gray seude leather lace. I used a wood bead and loop for the closure. I am happy with how this came out. I think it is a unique design. The ladies in my bead group like it too. I hope you like what I am showing today. Here is the link to see what others made with their challenge kits