Saturday, July 19, 2014

Today's post is for the gemstone and metal blog hop hosted by Lisa Lodge. The gemstone I received is Picture Jasper and the metal is brass. I added very little from my own stash. Here is what I designed.

A two strand necklace, a bracelet and a pair of earrings. The drops wanted to be front and center so I made five dangles with the center one being longer. The drops are at the bottom followed by a brown glass bicone. Next I used a jasper faceted round, followed by another bicone. The top is a round brass spiral. I added the brown glass bicones from my stash to make the dangles stand out. The outside row is made with the larger Picture Jasper squares. Between the squares I used two of the brass bicones and some tiny titanium coated bronze/copper colored cubes. The Jasper squares are in sets of three with size 6 seed beads between them.There are five of the smaller Jasper squares in the center  where the dangles hang. The inner strand mimics the outer by using  the smaller Jasper squares again in sets of three with the seed beads between them. Between the sets are the same brass bicones and cubes used in the outer stands. This center of this strand has two of the larger squares flanking a brass scalloped round that I got from which I wire wrapped with the same brown glass bicone as the dangles. I used the rectangular brass toggle clasp to finish the necklace. The bracelet is made with the larger Jasper squares alternated with the faceted jasper rounds. There are brass bicones between each stone. I chose a Znetshows brass toggle for this piece. The earrings are made on a headpin with a titanium coated cube at the bottom. Then a faceted round Jasper and finally a round brass swirl. I hope that you like my jewelry set. Here is a link to Lisa Lodge's blog. Below is a list of the participants. Please visit their blogs to see what everyone else made with the kits that they received
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Saturday, July 5, 2014

I chose olive and black for my colors in the summer challenge called Day/Night. When I picked them I expected to use them together in my pieces but the beads had other ideas. I wanted my daytime piece to be summery and fun. Sea glass usually makes me think of the beach so that was where my design idea started. I used the olive sea glass with some aqua sea glass that I already had received from Znet. I wire wrapped  links of the two colors using the olive rondelles and sand dollars with aqua shells. I added beach charms in blue and green to enhance the beach idea. I selected a lampworked bead with a fish on it as the focal. I put an aqua pearl on either side of it and used aqua sea glass teardrops to finish it. Above the lampworked bead is and aqua irregular shaped sea glass and an olive triangular round with an aqua pearly square for an accent. I used an olive sea glass fish on either side of the focal. A royal blue sea glass toggle finishes the necklace. My sister really liked it and she is now the owner of this necklace.
Night time calls for elegance. Black and gold feel  classic and elegant to me. I was attracted to the black sea glass tubes right away. I used black crystal rondelles and gold 4mm bicones to accent the beautiful black sea glass. The center is a gold curved tube. Hanging from the tube is the focal which is a one of earring that came from my dear friend Judy who passed away earlier this year. I glued it to Lacy's stiff stuff and embroidered around it with gold seed beads. I found the toggle in a bargain basket  a while back and it seemed to fit this necklace perfectly. I would wear this necklace proudly on an evening out. Please check out all the wonderful items that Zentshows has to offer at their link above also please go to which  will link you to the summer issue of Creative Spark magazine so you can see what other designers made for this challenge.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

My post today is for Krafty Max's Age of the Dragonfly Challenge. I am a day late posting this because I was away from the internet since Friday. I always try to learn something new when I enter a challenge. This time it was using Vintaj patina on a brass dragonfly. I made the body blue and the wings green, even though this is not how real dragonflies look I liked it. I heated the patina for better adherence and sealed it when I was done. I enjoyed the experience and I am sure that I will use patinas again. I strung two beading wires  with a blue and green seed bead mix and used oval brass beads to keep the strands together. I finished the necklace with a brass toggle clasp. The dragonfly hangs from a wire coiled around the center brass oval bead. Next I made a dragonfly pin from wire and seed beads. Then I used the same seed beads as the necklace and strung them on memory wire to make a bracelet. I used a beautiful dragonfly button for the focal.  I hope you like what I created for this challenge.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Today is the reveal for A Time To Stitch 5. This is a blog hop put on by Therese Frank of and Christine Altmiller of This is a stitching challenge. We were to choose our favorite stitch and do it in three colors, three sizes, or three shapes of beads. My choice was size and my stitch was spiral rope. The pic above shows the results. The rope on the left is made with size 8 beads on a size 6 core. Here is a pic of the completed necklace.
I used a beautiful faceted agate for the focal and the seed beads from the rope as fringe. I stitched a bail and accented it with a blue crystal rondelle. I put blue glass flowers on the ends of the rope to finish them and used black crystal rondelles to pick up some of the focal bead color. I added gold chain so it can be adjusted in size for different necklines.
My second necklace uses size 11 seeds beads on a size 8 core. The focal for this necklace is an enameled piece from C-Koop Beads. The clasp is a stitched button and loop from a Melinda Barta pattern that appeared in "Beadwork" magazine. I have used this clasp several times and I like it. It is fast and easy along with being pretty.  My third piece Uses size 15 seed beads on a size 11 core. It is shown unfinished (did you notice the thread?) in the first pic in this post. I did not get it finished. My Mom passed away June 7th and I have been attending to family obligations. Unfortunately when I packed I left my bag containing this project on my bead table instead of getting it into my suitcase. I did not get home until today so I apologize for not being done on time. This has never happened to me before.  I am serious about the challenges that I sign up to do and I have always finished them on time. The focal I am going to use in  this piece is a lampworked heart in white and blue that I got in Sacramento when I went to my niece's wedding. I think that my pic does a good job of showing the three sizes of beads in one of my favorite stitches. I will post a pic of the size 15 spiral rope necklace  next week. I would like to show one more pic.
This pic shows how different spiral rope can look just by changing the colors of beads that you choose. The necklace on the left is made with a repeating pattern of five different bead colors over and over again. The rope on the right is the same size 11 beads with a five bead repeat in three colors. I hope that you like what I made. Now please click on Therese or Christine's link to see what the other participants made.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Waxed Linen Blog Hop

If you are looking for my BSBP8 post click here BSBP8

Today is the day for the reveal of the waxed Linen blog hop. Diana Pataszynsi of is the organizer of this challenge. I had been thinking of doing a piece with waxed linen so when I saw her challenge I thought it was the perfect time. I started out to do a macrame piece in pink and black. I tried four different arrangements of black and magenta cord and none of them looked right to me so I put those colors away for a bit. The first item I made is a necklace. I have also been wanting to learn bead chorchet so I decided to combine the two ideas in one piece. However it just looked messy , not at all what I wanted so on to plan B which I really like. I chose one of Diana's beautiful porcelain pendants as my focal. I used denim blue, green, and cream linen cord because they are the colors in the pendant. I knotted seed beads in threes along each cord so they looked like picots. The cord looks like vines to me so I thought it suited the pendant well as the center of the pendant looks like leaves. All of the cording is knotted onto the loops on Diana's pendant I also knotted more of the cord below the pendant for fringe. The clasp is a recycled faceted white bead and a cord loop. This necklace has a light, delicate, feminine feel to it and I am happy with how it turned out. I have received several comments already when I wore this necklace.

Piece number two is a bracelet. It is four strands (Actually two strands folded in half and knotted around the button) in pink and black. I chose an antique black button for the clasp on this piece. The first strand that I strung is the hematite colored peanut beads with pink pearls. For strand number two I used gold lined pink size 11 seed beads and larger black glass faceted coins. Then I strung black size 8 seed beads with pink coral shaped beads. My last strand is swirled dark and light pink glass tube beads with the black 8's between them. I tried knotting between the pearls and the peanut beads in the first strand but it looked better to me just strung. I knotted around the four strands on the clasp loop because I thought four strands of cord would be difficult to use as a clasp on a bracelet. I ended the cords with a knot with a gold lined pink seed bead above it. I have had two friends want to buy this bracelet already. I want to say thank you to Diana for hosting the event. It was great fun to design these two pieces and I am sure I will include more waxed linen in my future designs. Please see what the other participants made by clicking on the links below.

Sarajo Wentling

Johana Nunez Rivera

Barbara Bechtel

Sharyl McMillian-Nelson

Thank you for stopping by. I would enjoy hearing your comments.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Znetshows Summer Challenge

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I am taking part in the summer challenge at .  I have had the pleasure of designing for them for a little over a year and it has been fun. They have quality materials at reasonable prices. They specialize in cultured sea glass but they also have beautiful crystals, metal components, and stones.  To see what they have to offer please click the link above. For the summer challenge I am to design two pieces or sets of jewelry. One is to be a daytime casual piece and one is to be a dressy nighttime piece. I chose the colors black and olive to work with in this challenge. The photo above is the items that they sent me to work with. If you would like to see what I design please stop back after the emagazine goes live.  My photos will be turned in by June 13 and the hop will be after that.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Evie's Tool Emporium

If you are looking for my BSBP8 post click this link BSBP8

Hi blog readers. The May meeting at Upper Midwest Bead Society was fun. The presenters were Michelle and Dave from Evie's Tool Emporium and Tool Raider. They spoke about jewelry tools and how to use them correctly. We got to play with the tools when the talk was over. If you are a tool junkie like I am you should check out their Etsy shop
They have quality tools at reasonable prices. I bought a ring mandrel, split ring pliers,and a hole punch. All tools that I am sure will get lots of use. They have texturing  hammers, stamps, mandrels, pliers of many types, punches, burrs, dapping sets, disc cutters, and much more. If you are  in need of any jewelry tools I recommend them.