Tuesday, May 8, 2012

4 bracelets are my jewelry pics today. I have been looking at a stacked &  wrapped bracelet blog hop the last couple of days &  I decided to do my own set of bracelets. The top bracelet in the pic is made of braided cobalt blue leather lacing. After braiding I stitched a pair of wood  heishi beads to every other cord crossing. Then I topped the heishi beads with blueAB twisted bugle beads that have a seed beads on each end to protect the thread from the bugles sharp edges. I wrapped wire around the ends with a 10mm jump ring  in the loop. Next I fastened the clasp to the 10mm jump rings with 7mm jump rings. This bracelet wraps twice around the wrist. The next bracelet  is also leather only this time it is tan. I macramed wood beads( leftover from the 70's when I did macrame) onto the leather cords. Bracelet #3 is made of memory wire. I strung beads of various shapes in blue, aqua, &  green and rolled the ends to finish it. Number 4 is a piece of 20 gauge non-tarnish silver wire that i coiled blue &  white wire from my son around.I added a toggle clasp to finish it. I had fun making them. I am going to have to start participating in some of these blog hops soon.

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