Monday, September 30, 2013

My blog today is about keychains. I partnered again with . They wanted keychains. I had never thought about designing keychains until znet asked. I picked some of their gorgeous crystals and the challenge was on. The top keychain uses RS145-118 ultramarine blue 25x18mm designer glass ovals as the center. The sparkle is fabulous. I chose wire instead of stitching because, keychains can see rough  and frequent handling. I coiled blue wire around the frame to bring out the color of the crystals. I made three dangles using Tiaria Mixes ZMX55-01 in 8x5mm size on headpins. The keychain clasps are FJ776-01 38x16mm in size. This design lead to the next which uses more of the ZMX55-01 crystals as the center. I cut four turquoise cotton cords and attached them the the keyclip with an overhand knot. I divided the cord into two bunches and macramed two strands to frame the crystals which are again on silver wire. Now I have lots more ideas to work on. It just may be that some of my friends and family will get keyfobs for Christmas. If you haven't tried keychain design yet you should. They are quick and easy to make and lots of fun. The more I work with the more I come to appreciate their wonderful products. I highly recommend that you go to their website and see for yourself all of the wonderful products they carry and the designs that the other participants made.


  1. Becky, these are so great! I especially like the way you incorporated the macrame into that second design. It looks like it would both protect the crystals and give the keychain some bulk to hold onto. Super cool!

  2. Thanx Hope. Designing these keychains was fun.I like working with znetshows products. I have a couple more ideas but I wanted to get these two up.