Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I realized that I haven't posted any jewelry in a while so here is my latest piece. I named it "Toledo Blue Rose." In August I got to go visit my two oldest grandsons in Toledo. All of the beads and components except the lucite flowers and the clasp were purchased while I was there. I got it almost done before coming home.  I have been stitching spiral ropes like crazy so that is what I did for the straps. The rose is polymer clay. I mounted it and the brass leaves on a screen. Then I finished off with the lucite dangles.  I am pleased with how this turned out and I have worn it several times already.


  1. Hi Becky - What a lovely piece. The blues in your seed beads are a perfect match for your lucite flower! Don'cha just love finding cool beady items when you are traveling. They help make pieces even more memorable. And a great idea about mounting the rose and leaves on a screen - I would not have thought of that!

  2. Thanx Paula. The aqua turquoise end of the blue spectrum is where I am most comfortable. I tried stitching the leaves and rose first but it wasn't sturdy enough so I knew I needed a backing.This necklace will always be special to me because it reminds me of my Grandsons.