Monday, July 2, 2012

Good Morning. Today I can finally show you the necklace & earrings I  made for my sister's 70th birthday.  Her party was yesterday. I have had it done for more than a month. It is hard not to show something when it is done, but I didn't want her to see it here so I waited. At my first wholesale show I found the yellow pearls. I could see them from several tables away. It was like they were glowing. They are larger than what I normally use& are yellow which I almost never use, but with at least a dozen colors of pearls  I could see these shine from several tables away & I had to have them. The next day I was emailing with my other sister & she said Rita's favorite color was yellow followed by blue. I knew then why I had bought the yellow pearls. The necklace & earrings are made with yellow calcite, yellow pearls, yellow bicones, yellowAB stars & light blue Czech pressed glass. I was great to see her face when she opened it. She just lit up & then she hugged me. I hope you like it too.  This pic was taken before I attached the clasp & earwires.

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