Sunday, March 8, 2015

I am participating in  the Bead Peeps Blog Hop. This is what I sent my partner Kathleen Breeding. I bead embroidered the pendant. My friend Cindy gave me the stones. I believe that they are goldstone. They are copper colored with black, navy blue, and sparkles. I also made the clasp and  links. I used magnetic copper wire for these. Magnetic copper wire is used inside electric motors. It has a coating on it that makes it darker and richer looking than regular copper. The coating also makes it not turn green like regular copper. I included some of the 20 gauge magnetic wire for Kathleen to use in my package. The black nuggets are stone that I got at Dakota Stone and I believe the marquise shapes are carnelian. The rounds above the black nuggets are red jasper. I am not sure what the strand of rounds in the upper right is but the color seemed right for this mix. Under the carnelian is shell discs and a pair of cabs I got in a mixed bags of goodies. All of the items to the left of the pendant are vintage. The tan two hole discs I got in New York City at CJS Sales. The other beads in the box with them had tags that said made in Czechoslovakia In 1989 the tags started saying made in Czech Republic so they are older than that. The large orange pearls, faceted cabs, and orange luster pieces all came out of the Bead Hoard boxes I got from A Grain of Sand. I includes size 11 copper seed beads and the two colors of size 15 seed beads that I used in making the pendant so she has something matching to play with. She said that she preferred copper and orange was her favorite color. I hope that she likes what I send.

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