Saturday, December 15, 2012

I haven't blogged in a while. I pinched a nerve in my back and I haven't been good for much. It's finally getting better and I can get back to jewelry making. A surprise came in the mail. Back in September I entered to be part of pay-it-forward on Michelle Mach blog Beads & Books. You can check out her blog here   I chose the bead assortment and the pic above is what she sent. Aren't they beautiful? There are enameled rectangles, ceramic beads, a metal snowflake charm, crystals, a pair of boro yoyo beads, electric blue jump rings, long earwires, headpins, and lots more delicious new fun. All of these beads were sent in a small tin. Michelle thoughtfully included decorative papers and other embellishments to decorate the tin with. How fun is that? Now it is my turn to pay it forward. The first three to comment on this blog will receive a pay it forward gift from me sometime in the next year. Up for grabs are 1) a pair of earrings made from some of the beads Michelle sent. 2) a wrapped bracelet -color of your choice. 3) the tin Michelle sent decorated by me and an assortment of beads- color of your choice. You in turn pay it forward to someone else with handmade things. Please join me in this fun adventure. Just leave a comment on my blog and maybe you will be one of the first three.

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