Thursday, October 11, 2012

Another resistors necklace. This one I made for my friend Lisa. Awhile back I wanted to try something new & not usually thought of as jewelry. What I found was electrical resistors. In this necklace I put 2 pairs of resistors on 3 jump rings to create links. I joined the links with pairs of jump rings. Toward the back I used larger resistors singly. The end of the necklace has a silver tube bead on each side and then the toggle clasp. There is a story that goes with how I chose resistors. My husband was digging in his drawer & found his jar of "phone bugs". Let me explain what phone bugs are. Back in the '70's we had a friend named John. He had a brother-in -law named Charlie. Charlie often did things that were not very smart & for a while whenever we saw John he would say " you will never guess what Charlie did" This was back at the time when people were protesting the Vietnam war. Charlie went to several war protests & then he got the idea that the government was spying on him for his protest activities. Charlie went about cutting all the "bugs" (aka resistors) out of his phone & the 3 friends who he had gone to the protestor's with phones. We saved some of them in a jar & over the years we have laughed about them many times. When my husband pulled them out of his drawer the last time I knew that I had found my unusual jewelry item. The resistors are perfect. They have wires protruding from both sides and come in lots of colors & sizes.
              I would like to thank Heather Powers of for the photograph tip that I used today. She suggested using a piece of printer paper in direct sunlight for better pics. I thought it would create too much shadow but I tried it and my pics with the paper did come out much better than the ones without the paper. Thanx Heather. 

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