Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hello everyone. I am excited to be part of the amazing Lori Anderson's BSBP. I read about it last year on Beading Daily but I didn't have a blog then. I have crafted all my life. I came to love beading through dressing dolls. The pic I am posting is the project that started me on my quest for beads. My husband was a Betty Boop fan & I made this for him. I made a wire armature & wrapped it with tin foil. Then I used a sculpley Fimo blend. She is blowing kiss as only Betty can. I dressed her in removable clothes which is no small feat on a character this small. I routered,  inlaid, & finished the wood base too. In making her costume & accessories I found beads. My husband said my curls just like Betty's were what first attracted him to me. Bead embroidery is my favorite thing to do. I am getting ready for a show next weekend so I have been mostly stringing lately because I think strung pieces sell better. If any of you have suggestions on selling embroidered pieces I would like to hear them. I have made a couple of polymer clay beads but nothing to brag about yet. I like working with gemstones, pearls & glass beads too. I am ready to be challenged.

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