Thursday, April 26, 2012

Here's the necklace redo that I promised. Isn't the polymer clay flower great. It's by Mary Ellen of Beetreebyme on etsy. I used tigerskin jasper &  butterscotch glass with  bronze metallic seed beads between on the main strand. I made wire links with wood saucers &  a burl wood bead by Mo'R Designs. I got the vintage urchin beads from Jules on etsy. Brass chain &  lobster clasp finish the strand. The inner strand is also brass chain. I got a pair of brass earrings with peeling pearls in them  at the second hand store. I removed the pearls &  glued in adventurine rounds &  attached them to the chain. I also used adventurine rounds in the copper colored cornucopia beads. I dangled a brass flower  &  a wood bead from the chain also.

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