Friday, April 13, 2012

Earrings are on my jewelry plate again. Todays earrings are aqua, black &  white, ivory colored, &  purple. The black &  white pair use snow quartz, mother of pearl, &  sardonyx. Yes I kn ow that the purple pair has no earwires, I ran out of gold earwires but that will be corrected soon. In the pair with a fluted oval at the top  is carved bone. There is a 5mm tan pearl in the middle &  a chocolate pearl dropon the bottom. Hope you like them.This pic doesn't do justice to the beauty of these earrings. It;s cloudy &  raining so the pics aren't the best. The aqua pair on the left has silver stardust beads between the aqua beads &  an aquaAB rondelle at the bottom, but you can't tell that from the pic. I am ordering a new photography book today.

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