Saturday, January 3, 2015

I want to wish all of my blog readers a Happy New Year. I hope that all of you find peace, happiness, fulfillment , and good health in the coming year. I want to show a few of the Christmas ornament I have made over the years before I put them away. All three of the ornament in this pic were made by me. The sled is teak wood which were scraps from the yacht factory where I worked. They were cut assembled into the sled and painted. The stocking I embroidered as part of a set of three designs. The silver, blue and pink ornament is wood that I turned on our lathe and decorated. These have been on my tree since the 1980's.
I got a knitting machine and made this pair of mittens years ago. The red, green, and gold snowflake ornament is a kit I won from Cyndi Lavin at in 2012.
This egg was laid right here on my farm by one of our chickens. It is one of the ones  I decorated it in 1992.
I took a hardanger embroidery class at the local school and then I made this ornament. It is simple but I like it.
This star is beads on wire. It is about 4 years old.
I know that this pic is really blurry but this is one of my favorite ornaments and I just was not able to make the camera capture it well so I am showing it anyway. It is an antique button that I drilled and made into a mobile. The pieces are macaroni in Christmas shapes that I painted.
This ornament is not on the tree it hangs from a shelf above my tv. The pattern is from Bead and Button magazine I have it on an ornament turner which I got on our 25th Anniversary trip to Niagara Falls. It sparkles and looks wonderful as it turns. I hope you have enjoyed looking at a few of my Christmas creations.


  1. Happy New Year! What a great collection of handmade ornaments. The mobile must be so neat in person! The last beaded ornament is stunning.

    1. Thanx Val. I have lots more that are handmade but these are some of my favorites. I am proud of my tree and I am happy to share pics of it with others. I am very glad that you like my ornaments.