Sunday, June 29, 2014

My post today is for Krafty Max's Age of the Dragonfly Challenge. I am a day late posting this because I was away from the internet since Friday. I always try to learn something new when I enter a challenge. This time it was using Vintaj patina on a brass dragonfly. I made the body blue and the wings green, even though this is not how real dragonflies look I liked it. I heated the patina for better adherence and sealed it when I was done. I enjoyed the experience and I am sure that I will use patinas again. I strung two beading wires  with a blue and green seed bead mix and used oval brass beads to keep the strands together. I finished the necklace with a brass toggle clasp. The dragonfly hangs from a wire coiled around the center brass oval bead. Next I made a dragonfly pin from wire and seed beads. Then I used the same seed beads as the necklace and strung them on memory wire to make a bracelet. I used a beautiful dragonfly button for the focal.  I hope you like what I created for this challenge.


  1. Really pretty designs and love how you've done the patina! I have yet to give that a try but I think I'd really like working with patinas

    1. Hi Cynthia,I recommend that you try it. it is fun and easy. I really enjoyed doing the patina. I did learn that the patina and alcohol inks do not get along very well. Thanx for your comments.

  2. Very beautiful - love these Becky!

  3. Thanx Shel. I appreciate your comments.