Monday, April 24, 2017

I created this bracelet as my second design for the Potomac Bead Challenge 2017. I used a Potomac exclusive crystal rivoli for the center. Seed beads form the bezel. The surround is created with Arcos Par Puca, Ava's, Rounduo's, and dragon scale beads. Seeds beads, delicas, and bugles were stitched to the ultra-suede next in bead embroidery style. An Ava and Rounduo accent each end. Copper firepolished beads were used on the edges. A pair of copper cup buttons and seed bead loops form the closure. I hope you like it. I am pleased with how this design came out. It is very different that what I saw in my head at the start. You can see all of the designs submitted for the challenge on Potomac Beads facebook page. You can vote for your favorite design by liking it.


  1. Becky ~ Every Single Detail about this bracelet is outstanding! The Color, the bead choices, the strength of the design. I am in total awe of this. And it is not cluttered so the eye can really soak in the whole bracelet. Beautifully done! I need to go find this on Facebook now.

  2. Thank you so much Christine. I appreciate your glowing comments. I had fun creating this design. It was not my usual colors.

  3. That bracelet is lovely!! I love the subtlety of it. But, the longer you look, the more details there are to see. Wonderful job :D

    1. Thanx Hope I am pleased that you like my design.